Objects & Elements ICE Resin Blog Hop!

I am participating in a fun blog hop hosted by Objects and Elements featuring pieces made with ICE Resin.  The rules were that we could make anything, as long as we used ICE Resin in the piece.

Here are some new focal pieces that I am working into designs right now:


For this one, I started with a piece of 1.5" square copper and etched it with one of my favorite designs.  Then I cut a section of 7/8" copper tubing and soldered it to a piece of brass that was etched with a clock-themed design to make a bezel.  The bezel was then soldered to the copper square and aged and tumbled for a beautiful patina.  I placed the stamped metal "wish" into the bezel and filled the whole thing with resin.


For these butterfly focal pieces, I used the same procedure as I did on the piece above, but this time I filled the bezel with solder first and then aged and tumbled them. 

The piece on the left I colored a finding made for leatherwork using Staz-On red ink and heat-set the color.  I then set the floral finding in the bezel with a heishi bead in the center of the flower and then filled it with resin.  The piece on the right was made using the same procedure, except that I didn't use any color on the charms.


For this piece I simply soldered a piece of the copper tubing directly to the 1.25" x 2" piece of etched copper and aged and tumbled the piece.  I filled the bezel with one of my fused glass cabochons and filled and domed in and around the cabochon with resin.  It is always difficult to capture the colors in glass, so you'll have to take my word for it that this glass has beautiful eggplant, gold and ivory colors floating in it.

Below are a couple of pieces that I've posted before, but wanted to highlight the ICE Resin that was used in the focals:



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Much thanks go out to Jen and Objects & Elements for organizing this fun hop!  Have a fantastic Monday!
brenda gebhart said...

nice work!

mairedodd said...

very gorgeous! your etching is fabulous - i love that technique...

Vickie Hallmark said...

Gorgeous! Love the etched copper. Nice idea to dome resin over a glass cabochon -- I'll remember that!

Kim Taylor Kruse said...

Wow! Your pieces are exquisite. I love what you're doing with the ICE Resin!

Jill said...

I really love how you've combined metalsmithing techniques with resin work - gorgeous

Unknown said...

Molly -- the butterfly pieces are simple GORGEOUS. I love your copper etching and your style. Thanks for participating and for the inspiration! -- Jen

kecia deveney said...

wow,so pretty! and i agree, LOVE the etched copper. i also like how you had wings behind your bezels! (i love wings too, as you probably noticed!)


Karen Burns said...

Love your etching on the copper and the bezels. Great work!!

stregata said...

Gorgeous pieces, fantastic work!

jennifer lorton said...

I'm doing the blog hop. Your work is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Molly, what stunning pieces. I love them all! I love working with Ice Resin-great stuff! Good luck, you have my vote!

Anonymous said...

oops, I see..everyone is sharing their designs made with Ice Resin! I thought it was one of O&E jewelry challenges:) Either way, beautiful pieces and I love the etching.

barbe said...

gorgeous jewelry! They are all so beautiful, fantastic job!!!!

What Happens Next said...

STUNNING!! Your work is so amazingly beautiful! How fun to be able to see so many beautiful things using ICE. I am in love!!

melanie brooks said...

your pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I love them! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

Molly, your etched/resin pendants are all so fabulous! I absolutely love your pendants...your creativity is endless.

Cindy said...

Molly, not sure if my last comment saved so just wanted to say again that I LOVE your resin/etched pendants!

Tami said...

WOW! Molly-you are AMAZING! Love the "wish" pendant and all are fabulous! Wish I could 'play' with you some day-hee!

Lynn in Tucson said...

What a great use of the resin! And I love the tubing-as-bezel idea, too.

Tami Bayer said...

I'm so happy I found your blog through the hop. Your work is breathtaking.

Unknown said...

Oh, Molly! You know what I like! Etched copper, bezels and resin! You are too fabulous, Girl!

Raised garden beds said...

Oh! Your works are very impressive, I love it.

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Always a feast for the eyes every time I stop by! Beautiful!

Riki Schumacher said...

I recognize that one beautiful necklace with the bee!! I'm a lucky girl. Thanks for stopping by Molly and taking a look at my little boxes. They are sure fun to make. Your pieces are wonderful. Love the little butterflies, soooooo cute! Great job. Hugs, Riki

GranthamLynn said...

Your work is so beautiful. Thanks for coming by today. Maybe it was you that I stole the Bible Study method from! Do you recognize the photo? It was a while ago that I found it. Thanks for coming by and saying hi. I love comments.
Hope your weekend is Blessed.

Lynn McGinnis said...

Oh my gosh, I love your pieces! I can only dream to be able to know how to do this! Hopefully I can own one of your pieces some day soon and wear it proudly.!

metal beads said...

I just love all of those. Stuffs made of metal beads..Its very nice.I wish I will be able to do it my own and have a collection as nice as those. The colors are fantastic!

Metal Beads said...

I've learned so much from your beautiful works! Awesome, they all look so beautiful and fantastic! explicitly nice and gorgeous. I'm wishing I could so some personal touch as well like yours because I was truly inspired by your skill.

Christine'sCreations said...

Those pendants are gorgeous!!!!!!! You've inspired me. I will try ice resin now. I love how you etched the metal and saudered. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations.