Deryn Mentock's Summer Jewelry Challenge: Project #1

One of my favorite jewelry artists, Deryn Mentock, has issued a jewelry challenge for this summer. We will be working, project by project, through Mary Hettmansperger's book, Wrap, fold, Stitch & Rivet (see picture). I have decided to take the challenge! This will give me some jewelry projects to work on between a couple of big mosaic projects coming up.

So here it is: My first project! This is the "Stacked Spinner Necklace". I really enjoyed the process with this piece, and am learning more and more about working with metals. I used brass for the base, copper, aluminum mesh and copper mesh for the raw materials, and I am really happy with how it turned out.

On to the next project!
Anonymous said...

I love your finished piece. Isn't this fun? You did a great job and I'm excited to see the next project!

Diane said...

Great job Molly. I really liked how you used the mesh and all the different metals in you piece!

Deborah Truesdell said...


Wasn't this fun?! Love the colors in your finished piece. I am looking forward to seeing your earrings (project 2), but you are really going to have fun on project 3!


Jan Thomason said...

knowing that you have other friends than me, i would die to have all of these, any of these except for your other friends, give them #7 and #10 - not my style.

this is another giveaway, right?
gosh, you have so many. You're so generous.

do i get an extra entry for being your friend?

and, btw, i'm *really* having a blog giveaway so scoot on over and enter - you're going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one of the items - this vintage brooch that is so cool!

xoxo, jan