2009 Secret Santa Christmas Jewelry Swap

I am SO excited to tell you about the Secret Santa Jewelry Swap I've been hosting with twelve of the most talented women I know. 

The swap works this way:  each participant was randomly assigned a 'giftee' and was to make a piece of jewelry for that person.  I sent out a list of questions so the Secret Santas would know a bit about who they were making the jewelry for (for example, favoite colors to wear, what makes them smile, are they vintage or modern girls, etc.).

After each person receives their gift, they will be taking pictures of them and posting them on their blogs with links back to their respective Secret Santa’s blog as well. 

Here's the list of participants and their blogs:

• Beth Bricker –

• Jeanette Blix Ryan –

• Riki Schumacher –

• Sally Turlington -

I will also be posting pictures of all the pieces on my blog, so check back here over the next week or so for updates!  Boy are these ladies talented!