Art Bead Scene December Challenge

I was able to find some time at the beginning of the month this time for the ABS Monthly Challenge.  This month, our inspiration is the Chrysler Building:

What struck me about this challenge is the repetition of pattern and the prominence of texture that are so evident in the terraced crown of the building, so that's what I focused on in my design:

I made the beads from domed discs that I cut from etched copper sheet and then soldered together.  I attempted to echo the repetitive triangular pattern from the building's face in the herringbone wirework in the focal and the three accent beads.

A close-up view of the necklace also shows handmade beads made from copper gears that I also domed and soldered.  For some reason, I always get a steampunk-ish vibe whenever I think of the 1920's and 30's.  I envision an underground sub-culture of strange and wonderful machines and people meeting clandestinely to share their futuristic common interests.  I realize that I am off by a few decades, but the gears felt like they belonged in this design:

To echo the mirror-like appearance of the windows, I have hung little charms made from 4mm bicone beads in a hematite finish and in a clear/no-finish, as well as adding a tiny pop of color with charms made from enameled headpins.

As always, thanks go out to Art Bead Scene for generously hosting this challenge every month.  Check out the other beautiful entries for this month's challenge at the ABS Flicker site.
chief gabril said...

I am interested in bead crochet began a few years ago, when we retired and moved to Florida. Our nursing home than we in upstate New York, so I did not have the same number of rooms, I have been engaged in small crafts.

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Beautiful - It definately looks like something a Steampunk traveler would wear on her adventures! ( perhaps with a hidden compass and map?)