Why Hope?

With the delivery of my mosaic piece, my contact from the Breast Cancer Awareness group asked me if I could send her information on what inspired me to use the design I chose for this piece. After thinking about how to put it into words, I came up with this:

"As soon as I was asked to donate a piece for this event, I instantly knew what the theme for it would be: HOPE. But how to depict the essence of hope when it is an emotion coming from the very core of the human condition?

Hope itself is the sure belief that something better is coming. As simple as that definition sounds, it implies that to have hope, there must be suffering or despair to overcome. It requires the one who is suffering to make a choice between despairing in today’s pain and grief and hoping for the better day that is coming.

I heard a story the other day that inspired the design of this piece:

While walking in the park, a child came upon a cocoon that obviously had a butterfly struggling to get out. The child felt sorry for the butterfly, and helped it to break free from the cocoon. As she watched the newly freed butterfly, expecting it to take flight, she noticed that its wings were not strong enough to lift itself off of the branch. You see, the butterfly’s ability to fly comes from the strength that is built during the struggle to free itself from the cocoon.

Just as it is true with the butterfly, it is also true for people: without the struggle, we cannot grow stronger. We cannot always choose the condition of our adversities, but we can choose to engage in the struggle. In doing so, we sustain hope in the knowledge that we will emerge stronger than we were when we began.

HOPE is what gives us the strength to fly."
diane cook said...

Molly, What a beautiful story behind this beautiful piece. Is this a collaged piece you designed as well? The colors/words are great!
And your theme "hope" reminds me of what Paul wrote in Romans 15:13~
I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.
I pray you have a "hope-full" day!

Deborah Truesdell said...

Molly, What a beautiful post! I too am a big fan of hope. When you lose it, there is no incentive to go on and with it you can do incredible things. I loved the piece you created for Breast Cancer Awareness. They were smart to ask such a talented artist to contribute to the cause! I love your last line, "Hope is what gives us the strength to fly."

Hugs to you!

DnJDesigns, Designs by Deedee said...

Molly, your blog is wonderful. So well designed I just love it and will be checking back to see more often. Just perfect!!!!

kecia said...

that was so interesting and inspiring. thank you for sharing.