Thank You Tami!

Once again, my friend Tami Roth at Cat Tales, Etc. has outdone herself! I opened my mailbox up last week and found the most fun care package waiting for me! Last year, Tami and I did a necklace exchange where she made this necklace for me in exchange for this necklace that I made for her. She always applies the most beautiful metal patinas to her pieces, and I had asked her if she had any resources for "recipes" that I could get my hands on. Not only did she send me some great recipes, but also a wonderful hanging collage and beautiful domino collage brooch that I just had to share with you (along with the most adorable Madame Alexander munchkin doll from a Happy Meal no less - boy, the toys have definitely gone up in quality since I had a child small enough to order Happy Meals!)

So Tami: Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, and I can't wait for you to receive the goodies I am putting in the mail for you this week!

All I have to say is how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends out here in blogland!