New Pendants...

I've been wanting to combine my mosaics and jewelry for a while now, and here are samples of what I've come up with. I want to put some of them on necklaces, but I'm not sure exactly what to use...possibly silk ribbon for a couple (any suggestions?). Anyway, here you go (the pictures aren't great, but you get the general idea...):



Fanciful Expressions said...

Wow, Molly they sure are beautiful. I love,love the one with the watch parts. I think very simple silver or copper chains would look nice because your pendants are such beautiful focals.
Or, as you were thinking, silk ribbons.
I really enjoy your work.


Gold Charm Bracelet said...

love the pretty pendants.They are each unique and have so many diverse colors and designs to choose from.Your jewelry is fabulous.

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