What I Learned About My Fellow Artistic Bloggers...

Yesterday as I was touring the many workspaces of my fellow bloggers, one thought rang true: big or small, muted or colorful, new or old, each artist has carved out their very own beautiful, comfortable, very personal creative in which to create. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about each person I visited, and plan to keep visiting spaces over this coming week (there was no way to see all of the spaces yesterday - so many creative people!).

Reading the comments on my own blog post, I feel I must confess a couple of things:
  1. My space NEVER looks this clean and organized unless people are coming over, and
  2. I am a 'no sew' girl if I can possibly help it (the curtains on the workbenches are made using fusible iron-on 'Hem Stitch').

I have a couple of newer pictures to post, mostly because the light was horrible on the day I was trying to take the pictures of my workspace for the original blog post:

Above: this is a picture of the 'workings' of the table skirts. The curtain rods can be removed, as can the curtains, or I can push the fabric to one side or another (see below).

These pots are some of my first 'bits and pieces' mosaic pots.
I love them and can't bear to sell them. The small tile mixed-media mosaic is from when I was a guest teacher for 3 weeks at Zach's school when he was in 7th grade. I have a new found respect for anyone who teach middle school students!

Below: I found this old fireplace poker tool holder on a wonderful trip to Globe, AZ with my mom. I use it at shows along with a lot of other vintage/antique display pieces to hang my really long jewelry pieces on. I added a discreet lazy susan to the bottom of it so it can rotate.

Below: this chest is sporting its third color scheme. I love changing things up, and I love the colors this time. My favorite thing about it is the small needlepoint piece that my husband's grandmother made.

I found the rake display at the same antique store as the fireplace tool holder. I think it fits in perfectly with the rest of my room.

That's it for now - enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I'm still making my way around trying to visit all of the creative spaces, but I, too, love the unique ways in which all of us have carved out our own spaces! It's so much fun to see what others are doing! I'm loving it!

cindy said...

What a great space! I need those table-skirts! :D

yapping cat

Mar said...

nice workspace!

Tami Roth said...

So much fun! Love the 'eyes' on your special mosaic piece from your son's class when you taught there. What a great idea to display your beautiful jewelry on a fireplace poker!

Embellished Bayou said...

I just love the fire tool holder and rake...very creative displays!

Christine said...

a very well organised space ! I love your creations ... thanks for visiting me : it gave me the opportunity to discover your art...

icandy... said...

Hi Molly!!!
You have a fantastic space!!!! I'm a no~sew kinda girl, too! Notice, there wasn't any fabric in my mixed-up,crazy place!! *HAHA*
Hope you are well and thank you sooooo much for stopping by! I'll be back soon to check in on you!
Christina :)