Quite Possibly One Of The Funniest Posts I've Ever Read...

Our Little Garbage Disposal, Bronco Dog

My dear friend Jan at The Polkadot Barn is so amzingly funny & entertaining - I love reading her blog posts & look forward to them with much antcipation.  Today's post, however, tops them all for me on the laughter scale.  If you are in need of a good laugh, pop on over to her blog & read her post entitled, 'One Small Dog + 7 oz of Chocolate =".

Have a great evening!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

oh, my gosh, i came over to check out your blog before i went back into the studio and look what i found - a post about me??
and just finding it today shows you how long it's been since i've been over here - i'm a horrible friend, albiet an honest one:)
i'm sorry i've been gone from your blog for so long! shame on me.

you're so sweet to think my post about one of the most awful incidents in my entire life was so hysterical.
so sweet.

lol, jan