On the Ground In Haiti

Earlier this week, Palm Valley Church sent down a group of our pastors to Haiti to survey the damage and to meet with, encourage and help our ministry partners, their famlies and congregations, as well as to pass out food and supplies. 

They landed safely in the Dominican Republic and drove about 12 hours to Port Au Prince.  Please check out Pastor Greg's blog post at for more information and for pictures of their trip so far.
Cindy said...

What a wonderful ministry...will visit the link! :-)
Love your new blog banner...and how you change it with your beautiful jewelry and photography!

Pretty Things said...

How amazing!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

When I think of Haiti, it puts my little problems of life in perspective. I went to New Orleans shortly after Katrina ...Wow the visuals!!! I will never forget.

Lynn Richards said...

Thank you for posting the link. It is heartbreaking and will pray for grace in the midst of all the chaos.