Ahhh...Arizona In the Spring

Here's a quick glimpse at the riot of color in my backyard right now:

It won't look like this in a couple of months, but I will enjoy it while it lasts!
diane said...

Know how you feel Molly =) My antique rose bush is so full of blooms it is making my heart swell =) And, the bluebonnets I saw this weekend on the way to the festival~well it was just GORGEOUS!!
Hugs my friend~

Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful Molly. Great colors, and what a fabulous back yard you have! Makes me want to find a good book and plant myself! Hugs, Riki

Diana said...

Spring is certainly a glorious time of favorite. Our coastal mountains are bursting with colors of purple, blue, yellow, orange and pinks. Some areas look like a floral carpet.....just heaven. Your yard is beautiful...thank you for sharing.

Pretty Things said...

Soooo pretty! Our flowering Japanese cherry tree is, well, flowering!

Cindy said...

Molly, you sure have a beautiful yard - full of inspiration for sure. :-)

bench coats said...

Yeh!!!!! I love spring. it means summer is only round the corner