Copper Wire Jewelers Online Magazine: Issue #3

Hi all!  If you haven't already, take a few minutes and look through this beautiful online magazine featuring some fantastic artists, as well as some great articles on the  business side of jewelry: Copper Wire Jewelers:  Issue #3.

I have a piece in the publication that I'd like to share with you called "Tide Pool":

The inspiration for this set comes from a visit to Key West some years ago. I remember worn and peeling paint on rows of pastel colored homes with decks overlooking the ocean. Each peeled-off paint chip was a work of art in itself, revealing years of color upon color as the cottage was reinvented by successive owners.


I pictured weathered Adirondack chairs on the back porches where they could sit and drink iced tea as they watched treasure hunters stoop to pick up shells washed up on the  beach.


With that memory as my inspiration, I wanted to create the same weathered beauty in my jewelry. I started with layers of torch-fired enamel to build up the color on the copper that I chipped off and re-fired, revealing the copper and other color layers underneath the top layer as they all melted together.

The center of the pendant features beautiful aqua blue enamel with a small shell encased in ICE Resin.  The result is exactly what I had hoped it would be: a weathered set that is comfortable to wear and is as casual as an afternoon in Key West.

I will have this set up in my Etsy shop soon now!

stregata said...

It's perfect! So weathered and textured! And the little shell looks exactly as if it is in a little pool of water! Just perfect!!!

romantic decay said...

This is a beautiful piece. Key West is such a awesome place, and the colors you have chosen really capture the feeling you have when walking thru Old Town.

Judy said...

Wow! I absolutely love those two pieces! The colors and the textures just pull me in! I can see how Key West was your inspiration.
I am off to check out the publication, congrats on the publish as well.

Amy F said...

beautiful piece! Thanks for the reference to the magazine too, I hadn't heard of it!

Oxana said...

Gorgeous piece!!!

Pretty Things said...

That's really, really lovely!

A Beaded Affair said...

Looking good and now you're famous!!

Francy said...

Love that bractlet!

Unknown said...

Love this necklace...the colors & pendant are fabulous

Diane said...

Miss Molly~These pieces are absolutely stunning! I love the colors and the story you tell with them is just so sweet! I can see the peeling paint on the rows of houses in my mind's eye right this moment! The brilliant red pendant and the beautiful ice resin piece in the center is gorgeous =)) I love it!
Beautiful work Molly!

Malin de Koning said...

Loooooove this! WOW!