A Heartfelt Treasury

What a fun e-mail to receive tonight:  my "Heart of Stone" set made in into the "Hearts" treasury curated by artist danhalbel (  Check out the beautiful artwork in this treasury:

Etsy Treasury_July 2010_3

Thanks so much for including me with these fabulous artists!
Pretty Things said...


Alesha said...

Hi! I was included in my first treasury last night, too! Very exciting!!!

I also clicked on this "heart" one, and the very first thing that I clicked on was your beautiful Heart of Stone necklace. I giggled when I realized it was yours. ;o)

I was wondering if you have some time this week, could explain how to get a picture of the entire treasury into your blog?

I know I can get a screen shot of the whole page, but then would have to erase the nonessential elements. Just wondering if there is an easier way.

Thank you,

sundownbeaddesigns said...

What a great treasury, Congrats!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

Hi, honey!!
Look at me!! Look at me!!
I'm reading my blog roll.
well, not all in one night, but i've started:)
AND, i even posted on MY blog tonight.

And, without even looking real, real close, i could tell which picture was yours. You are soooo amazingly gifted.
i looked at your etsy shop the other day, too.
as usual, found a "few" things calling my name.

heading to the crack house tomorrow to start the make-over.
i'm hoping to find all the things that i mean to mail you!! xxxooo

vintagesusie & wings said...

So happy I happened across your blog, it's delightful! I can't wait to follow you along all of life's grand adventures!