Creative Sparks Fridays (and Another Totally Twisted Design): Better Late Than Never!

I'm a bit late this week in posting my "Spark", but, as the title says, better late than never, right?

THE WEEK'S (8/20-8/27) SPARKS ARE-
•Artistic Theme•
A Summer Breeze
•Theme Words or Phrase•
Breeze, Fresh Rain, Family, Flowers, Hammocks,
Picnics in the Grass, Icy Lemonade, Fresh Fruit
**Creative SPARK THREE**
•Theme Color Palette•
I absolutely LOVED this week's inspiration piece!  In fact, it is my favorite Friday "spark" so far!  The color combination is right up my alley, and I love the crazy patterns that all seem to go together seamlessly.  So here's my very eclectic necklace, which is also inspired by the design, "Delightful", from Kerry Bogert's book, Totally Twisted":


The "crazy quilt" feeling of the inspiration piece led me to pull out brightly colored, patterned and textured beads and components.


I ended up using six different colors of artistic coiled wire, and tried to stay within that color palette with my bead choices.


Really, this has been one of my most favorite pieces that I've made in a long time, and it will be available in my etsy shop soon. 
So, there you have it - my weekly "Spark".  Take some time to go out to   The Gritty Bird, Becky Caldwell's blog, to see what other artists have done this week!
Anonymous said...

Molly! This is gorgeous. You are a girl of my own heart using all this color... I love color!

Simply lovely. It is wonderful how you pulled the design feel from the quilt!


Take Care and have a wonderful weekend. :)

Pretty Things said...

I was going to do one but totally lost track of time. This is just not the time of year for me and deadlines!

Patti said...

You did a great job of combining the colors mixing everything together. Very cool!!

steufel said...

Oh Molly, what a fun-necklace. Love the color-mix. You were more courageous than I was - I just worked with the green, blue and purple from the palette.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

More color Molly, Sparks my day!!

Anonymous said...

I love this - what a wonderful necklace, Inge

sundownbeaddesigns said...

What a wonderful piece Molly! I absolutely LOVE the color combo! Well done!

cedar chest said...

My mom needs to see this post. She was looking for that kind necklace for over a week now. She really wants to have a necklace with that kind of unique designs.

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Awesome necklace! I love the color combinations that you used. I esepcially like the pendant you used! COOL!