Autumn With Artbeads, 2 of 2 and Creative *Sparks* Friday!

Earlier this week, I posted my first Autumn piece that I made with my gorgeous beads from (you can see that post here).  Today, I finished my second Autumn piece and combined it with this week's "Creative Sparks Fridays" project. 

This week's sparks are:


And here are my interpretations of them:

"Wing And A Prayer"

I was immediately drawn to the graphic pattern in the moth's wings, punctuated with that vivid splash of red, and I knew I wanted to attempt to duplicate that feel in my pieces.


In my package, I received some beautiful Iron Zebra Jasper beads that have the striking graphic patterns I was looking for.  Using antiqued sterling wire, I combined those beads with 10mm carved wooden beads, a warm-toned 30mm wood ring and a striking tomato-red magnesite coin to create the effect I loved in the *spark* picture.


The necklace measures approximately 21.5", with the wooden ring hanging in front.  This allows the red to hang off-center, much like the streak of red in the picture.

These pieces will be available for purchase in my etsy shop.

As always, I really enjoyed working on this Creative *spark* Fridays project, and want to thank Becky of The Gritty Bird for all her work in hosting this weekly challenge. 

Happy creating and have a fantastic weekend!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

They are perfect sparks Molly !!!!

Judy said...

That is a great interpretation Molly! I love the burst of red!

Alesha said...

beautifully done, Molly! I really love that you added that bit of red-orange! And that wooden ring just makes me happy, too! No idea why...I just really like it! LOL!


Pretty Things said...

I LOVE that pop of color! Well done!

The Gritty Bird said...

Perfect! This set is so lovely! I love the splash of red... it was just what I was drawn too as well. You did an excellent job with the sparks! I can't wait to see your next creation!