Happy 70th Birthday Mom!

(I am posting this a couple of days past her birthday to make sure Mom has received it before she sees it online.)

I can't believe that my Mom is 70.  She looks and acts so much younger, that it just doesn't seem real to me.  They do say, however, that 70 is the new 50, right?

So, now that she's opened her gift, I can share with you all what I made to give to her:


I am still playing with enamels in my new kiln, and this combination was perfect for Mom.  I love the delicate greens, yellows, oranges and reds mingling in the blue of the focal, and the leaf accent brings out these colors beautifully.


So, Happy Birthday, Mom!    Thank you for teaching me how to be a mother who shows compassion, love and joy.  I love you so much and am so proud to be your daughter.
mairedodd said...

a beautiful gift - the effects you are achieving with the kiln are stunning... happy birthday to your mom! so when was her birthday?

steufel said...

A wonderful necklace. And a wonderful post. Sounds as if your mother is a great woman. I absoluty know what you mean with the age. My mother turned 72 this year and she still seems so young to me.

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Happy Birthday to your dear mother...What a beautiful necklace you have created for her.

Diane Cook said...

Oh this is just beautiful Molly! I love the combination of colors. Your mother will love to wear it I am sure =)
Happy Birthday Mom =)

Anonymous said...


I love love this piece.

Carl said...

Rest assured that Molly's mom absolutely LOVES her new necklace and bracelet! The best thing that happened, however, is that she delivered it in person on the Thursday before my 70th BD party! I wore it to a surprise luncheon with my three daughters and closest friends on Friday; I wore the set from my 69th BD for my party. You can't believe the positive comments I received from both days!
The best creation I ever did was my daughter! I absolutely adore her!
I love you with all my heart, my molly ~~~~