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I am excited to share a great new book with you:
Chain and Beaded Jewelry Cover
by Scott David Plumlee
I was not familiar with David’s work before, but am certainly happy to have found this, his third book dedicated to beaded chain jewelry design, focusing on creating geometric chain maille and beaded pieces of wearable art.
KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  "Jens Pind Beaded Tripoli Bracelet" *
I must admit that in the past I have had a rather embarrassing deficiency when it comes to creating jewelry with chain maille. However, after trying some of the designs using the large, full-color photographs and clear instructions included in this beautiful book, I have a new confidence when it comes to this technique.
"Flower Quatrefoil Earrings" *

Starting with the basic Byzantine chain, David eases even the most green beginner into the world of chain maille and builds on this basic technique to create beautiful, substantial bead and wire jewelry pieces. Using mixed metals and a variety of glass and gemstone beads, each project encourages the artist to think outside the box, inspiring them to take what they learn here and build on it, making each piece their own. Among my personal favorites are the serene “Ocean” bracelet (featured on the front cover) and the simply stunning “Namaste” Tripoli bracelet and earring set.  
"Beaded Single-Chain Bracelet and Earrings" *
In “Chain and Bead Jewelry: Geometric Connections”, you will find designs that run the gamut from butterflies to fish to Byzantine crosses – something for everyone. Whether you are a chain maille beginner or master, I highly recommend this book, as it will provide hours of inspiration and creativity for any jewelry artist or hobbyist.

These opinions are my own, and I have not been paid for reviewing this product.

sandy petals said...

These pieces are wonderful. I love the quatrefoil earrings. Such nice patterns.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Love crafting books. This looks like a good one to have! Thanks for the tip.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Cant wait to check this book out thanks for sharing