Interview at Touch Jewelry

I am honored to share an interview I did on Cathy Khoury's blog, Touch Jewelry

Cathy was one of my Bead Soup partners, and has a passion for creating her jewelry, and describes her business this way:

"...Indeed, we aspire to work only with fairly traded beads, helping local artists as well as cooperatives around the world in order to create pieces that are prepared with care.
With this new and exciting vision in mind, Touch Jewelry aspires to connect women and artisans in the common goal of human touch and cooperation. By reaching out our hearts and minds through art and craft, we hope to do our part to unite all people in one common Touch, one human horizon."

When I sent Cathy her Bead Soup package, I included some handmade findings. She asked if she could order more of them, and feature me on her blog as well. Of course I said "Yes!"

You can read the article and learn more about Cathy's artwork here:

Again, thank you so much Cathy!