What I've Been Doing Instead Of Putting Away Christmas Decorations...

I hate putting away Christmas decorations, and therefore have been finding all manner of distractions to keep me away from that monumental task (my collection of 80+ Santas alone takes forever to box up!).'s what I've been doing instead:

Making lots of these:

So I can make lots of these:

What are you working on this week?

While you ponder that question, pop on over to Grateful Living to see what Jan Thomason from The Polkadot Barn and Cat Kerr from In The Light Of The Moon have shared this week!
sjmcdowell said...


Your pendants are stunning!!
It would be hard to pick they are all lovely!!

I have not taken my Christmas things down either.
I have been working on little bags for cell phones or tissues...I call it the what not bag!! LOl

Enjoy a Blessed weekend!


In the Light of the Moon said...

These are so lovely Molly!!! I have been watching u tube videos on how to do this but I am soooooo afraid to start on something new..heehee.Big Hugs,Cat

EB (Evie and Beth) Photo Journal said...

Love, love, love those pendants! The necklace is stunning - love those colors!

I have been working on making more beads for a project mom and I are working on. This weekend will be a sawing and enameling weekend - it has been a long time since one of those.

You have a wonderful weekend!

CraftyHope said...

I didn't put up too many decorations myself so it was a snap to take them down. Best of luck to you. Of course, those little gems you are creating are just beautiful. I can understand your distraction!

I've been all over the place this week, but FINALLY attempted etching today and am thrilled with the results. I see it possibly becoming QUITE the distraction. ;)