Welcome to the Poppy Challenge Blog Hop!

I am so excited to share this hop with you all!  If you recall, I was one of the lucky ones chosen to participate in  Jo Tinley of Daisychain Designs' Poppy challenge.  Each participant was sent two of Jo's sweet sterling silver Poppy Headpins to incorporate into a design:

How cute are these?

Well, my first thought was that these would  make lovely earrings, and I almost went that direction.  Then I remembered that this was a 'challenge', and that I really needed to push myself to think outside of the earring box. is the result of that thinking:

"Poppy Garden"
I have to admit that I completely psyched myself out on this piece.  Jo is an unbelievable metal worker, and her soldering is impeccable.  What if I couldn't make a copper poppy that would work with hers?  What if I totally ruined her headpins by melting them? 

A confession:  I was able to make a poppy out of copper that coordinates, if not compares, to Jo's, but I did completely melt the wire off of one of her poppies -- but was able to fix it - whew!

I cut and polished a piece of copper pipe and drilled 3 holes into the top of it.  Then I inserted the poppy headpins into the outer holes and drew a bead on the end of each, making sure to stagger the lengths.  Then I created a hook for my copper poppy to hang from that also makes the bail for the necklace.

Deciding what to do for a chain took a while.  The pendant is actually quite small (for me) - about 1" x 1" -  and I didn't want to overwhelm it, so I made just one link to incorporate into the simple copper chain.  The link has three oxidized tiny silver beads to pull in the color of Jo's poppies.  I finished the chain with a small handmade copper clasp.

And there you go:  "Poppy Garden".

Thank you so much, Jo, for the opportunity to work with your beautiful poppy headpins.

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Happy Hopping!
Jo said...

Oh I love it! And fantastic that you made another poppy too! I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone has come up with, as we've all had such different ideas. I like how you've used pipe with holes drilled in it rather than a large jump ring and wrapping the headpins around it. Beautiful!
Thank you so much for taking part in my challenge!

Patti Van said...

This is just beautiful! Imagination gone wild! I love this so much! It is truly creative and a wonderful work of art!

Courtney said...

I love, love your necklace! Love the creativity and that you made your own poppy! Congrats.

Holly said...

Molly, oh goodness, the simplicity of this pendant and necklace is just gorgeous!

KayzKreationz said...

I love that. And I love that you really challenged yourself. I don't know if I could have figured out how to make another poppy to match. And I love the pipe as the focal/frame for the poppies. Wonderful piece.

Kristi said...

Love the pendent! I do not think I could have figured out how to make my own poppy, or made a pendent out of copper pipe and so gorgeous also!

Fiona said...

We have all made such different things. Lovely pendant.

Marissa @ Sea Flower Studios said...

I love your take on the challenge! So impressive that you even created a third poppy!

TesoriTrovati said...

I just love this! Those poppies are so cute in that frame. I am amazed that you took the plunge and just dove right into this design. I am always deligthed to see what you have done. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Enjoy the day!

TesoriTrovati said...

Sweetie... I have to tell you something else. I usually hate having music come at me from a blog, but I opened up a bunch of windows from different blog posts. Yours was one. The music is softly floating in the background. You and I have the exact same taste in music! I love it! And you have introduced me to some new artists and songs. Thank you for that! I have left your blog open because I am enjoying it so much.
Enjoy the day!

Jennifer Cameron said...

You are definitely gutsy! I would have been way too scared to alter them like you did, but the result is SO worth it! It does look like a poppy garden and the pipe sliver is a perfect frame. Gorgeous. Another piece I would wear every single day.

SueBeads said...

WOW, your pendant is fantastic! Love what you did to match her poppies!

Pixiloo said...

What a wonderful pendant. It is such a unique design. I love it!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Love the poppy garden! Such a fun way to use the poppies!!

Dale said...

excellent job on these pieces :). I especially like the pipe slice you used here... great work.