Guest Room Decor and New Artwork

I wanted to share a few pictures of my guest room and the artwork I made for it.  Our guest room was our foster son's room, and when he moved out in August after 2 1/2 years, it was kind of a mess, as any teenage boy's room would be.  

New robin's egg blue paint, bedding, headboard made from a spray painted cabinet door, lamps and rugs
So I basically took everything out of the room, cleaned the carpets (which will be replaced with ceramic tile one of these days), painted the walls and put up new drapes.  The feel I'm going for is 'cool and soothing'.

I really needed artwork for the walls and I haven't gotten my hands messy for a while, so I decided to do a series of three collage pieces:

  They are all on 8 1/2" x 11" canvases that I first painted a grungy background on and then decoupaged a layer of white tissue paper, which dries to an opaque-ish off-white.  Then I tore up pieces of  scrap-booking paper, created the various shapes on each canvas, and glued them on as well.  

When all of that was dry, I took letter stickers and put them on each picture and used charcoal and smudged around the stickers and then removed the stickers, leaving the words in the negative space.

I continued with both white and black charcoal, drawing patterns and shading until the pictures looked right to me.  I set the charcoal with Aqua Net hair spray, let it dry and glued on the spray-painted birds with redliner tape.

I love how they turned out - I've got to remember how fun this medium is!  I've still got more to do in the room, but I'm happy with how it is starting to come together.
Sandra Young said...

I love your artwork! Very cool and one of a kind! The robin's egg blue looks very soothing too!

Jenni said...

Love the room color and your personalsed collages tie n so beautifully, very creative!

Christine Hansen said...

Molly - the guest room is coming along nicely. I'd definitely consider it "cool & soothing" and I love the collages you created to adorn the walls. Well done!

Cindy said...

Molly, not only are you an interior designer, but quite an accomplished collage artist!! How can I forget how talented you are in so many mediums? You really amaze me. My favorite piece is "Love". I can certainly see these made in to prints or cards (hint, hint)! ;-)

Rachel said...

Perfect for the feel of the room. You have so much talent. I love the use of Aqua Net hairspray.