What I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 2: The Artist-y Stuff

In my last post, I filled you in on all the personal and family things we did over the past couple of months, so in this post I wanted to share the artsy things I did this summer:

Way back last spring, I received a convo from one of my customers asking if she sent me some beads she made, then would I be willing to make some jewelry for her from them.  It just so happens that this customer,  Lisa Bienko (, is an extraordinarily talented quilter, and, since I have virtually no sewing ability to speak of, I asked if she would be up for a trade...and she said YES!

I had been wanting a set of 12 placemats and napkins made from vintage fabrics and featuring birds somehow, and so Lisa agreed to make them for me in return for making her three complete jewelry sets from beads she sent me.

So here are the sets I made for her:

...and here are the AMAZING placemat/napkin sets she made for me:

Aren't they wonderful?  She made them each unique and crazy-quiltish, with super-cute birds and exactly what I wanted - I love them!  :)

And then I got an e-mail from Lori Anderson asking if I'd like to do a trade with her: some beads for this bracelet:

"Captive" as seen in Bead Trends
Of COURSE I said yes!  Here's the awesome bead soup she sent me:

Sterling silver, designer art beads and beautiful black, gold/brass and copper to work with - I'm thrilled!

And as if these two trades weren't enough, I was featured in "Making Jewellery" Magazine in July:

Such a cool thing!

Well, I'm about to go back to working on a custom order for 17 journals (eek!), and I'll touch base later this week!

Kathy said...

You've been busy!! Beautiful work, as always!

Anonymous said...

All of your work is very beautiful! I am especially attracted to the last bracelet.

Lori Anderson said...

WOO HOO on your publications! And if you need more beads from me I will absolutely send. I am curious how you'll work with that big sterling silver pendant -- I have one, too, and it would be so cool to see how we interpret them. I love that sterling leaf -- I used one in a very special necklace for myself. And Golem beads are just cool.

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