A Little Tease: Bead Hoarder's Blog Hop "Before" Pics

Hello. My name is Molly Alexander and I am a bead hoarder.  

I have about a gazillion beads from amazing bead artists all over and I seem to not want to use them because I want to save them for that one, 'super-special project'.  The problem is, I have about 50 'super-special projects' in mind and haven't made one of them.

Then Lori Anderson (of Bead Soup fame) came up with the fantastic idea to actually USE all of the beads we - the collective 'we' - have been hoarding and to have a blog hop to celebrate the momentous event.  Great idea! 

And so I enthusiastically present the "Bead Hoarder's Blog Hop", which will be taking place tomorrow with nearly 200 jewelry artists and designers!

To prepare, I pulled together just a sampling of some of the beads I wanted to try and *finally* use in jewelry pieces:

Clearly I have an affinity for hearts.  And purple.  And birds.

Check back tomorrow to see what I made from some of these beautiful beads!
Lori Anderson said...

Awesome! I showed some of my stash for the reveal and hope others do, too! I love everything you make so can't wait!

Kerrie Slade said...

Oh you have chosen such pretty things Molly! Looking forward to seeing the results :-)