Rustic Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Here's a quick, simple bracelet tutorial that will have you making stacks of these little beauties to wear with just about everything in your closet!

Materials Needed (click on the material name for links to supplies):

Tools Needed:
Wire cutters
Needle-nosed pliers

1. Cut a piece of leather that is 2x the size of your wrist.  For example, if you have 7.5" wrists, you will want to cut a 15" piece of leather.

2. Cut a 15" piece of the 20g wire.

3. Fold the leather in half and, using the 15" piece of wire, wrap the folded end, forming a loop, leaving the long end of the wire attached and hanging with 2 leather strands:

4. Cut a length of the rhinestone chain that is 1" shorter than the size of your wrist

5. Keeping the two strands of leather tightly side-by-side, lay the rhinestone chain in the little 'valley' between the leather strands and begin to wrap the wire tightly around the leather strands, between each rhinestone link.

6. Continue wrapping to the end of the rhinestone chain and wrap two times around just the leather strands.

7. Fold the remaining leather in half to form a loop with both strands and continue wrapping the leather, making sure to include all four strands of leather (see picture above).

8. Trim off the excess wire, making sure to tuck in the end and secure it tightly with needle-nosed pliers.

9. Add your clasp and you are ready to go!

Try using other color combinations and make a whole bunch of these!  If you decide to try this tutorial, I would love to see your results, so post them online, comment below with the link, and I'll share your pictures here!
Robin Meng said...

Molly - this is great! Gonna give it a try!

Cat Kerr said...

Love this tutorial...but I have a feeling mine will not come out as tidy as yours..heehee.xoxo

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love the tutorial Molly - I will have to have mom sit down with me and we need to give this a try :)

Dawn Doucette said...

Love the tutorial Molly! Super fun and totally festive... just picture a stack of 10 of them in different colors! Fiesta!!! Great tutorial! Hugs! Dawn