"Be Free" 10-Minute Necklace Tutorial For Jewelry In A Pinch

There are times when I want to wear a simple, straightforward piece of jewelry, and can't always find the right one.  This super-easy project is a perfect solution to "I don't have anything to wear"-itis.

Silver Bird Accent
12 pc Heart Swirl Charm Set
Large Deco Lobster Clasp
Small Oval Silver Chain
Silver Jump Rings

Needle-Nosed Pliers
Flush cutter

1. Use an 8mm jump ring and add it to the bird charm. Open the clasp and attach it to the same jump ring you added to the bird.

2. Add 4mm Jump rings to a swirl charm and a round charm.

3. Cut approximately 32" of silver chain.

4. Add the clasp, both charms and both ends of the chain to a 6mm jump ring and close it.

All you need to do is to slip the necklace over your head and you are ready to go!