Versatile Valentine: Abstract Spiral Heart Pendant Tutorial

This simple design for an abstract wire heart pendant frame is so versatile  and fun!  Here's what you need to begin:

From Prima Bead:
16g wire
Flush cutter
Needle-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers
Nylon jaw pliers

From your local hardware store:
Two 6" lengths of 3/4" wooden dowels (or 2 large sharpie markers)
Duct tape or packing tape

Step 1:  Cut a 12" length of 16g wire. at approximately 5 1/2", bend wire so that both sides of wire are together.  Make sure the bend is completely together, using your nylon-jaw pliers if you need to squeeze them together.

Step 2:  Using duct tape or packing tape, tape the two dowels together, leaving a small space between the dowels so the wire can get through.  Set the doubled-over wire in between the dowels, bend-end first, making sure the bend fits through the dowels and bend each side of the wire over the dowels (see picture).  This will form the top of the heart.

Step 3:  Starting with the short end of wire, start a spiral using your round-nosed pliers.

Step 4:  Continue to spiral the wire using your nylon-jawed pliers until it fits snugly into the top of the heart.

Step 5:  Approximately 3 1/2" from the bottom of the non-spiraled wire, bend the wire into a "V" shape - this will create the bottom of the heart.  Start a spiral with this end of the wire in the direction of the "V".

Step 6:  Continue to spiral the wire using your nylon-jawed pliers until it fits snugly into the "V".

Voila!  You're finished!  Just add a jump ring to the non-spiraled side of the heart and hang it on your favorite chain or cord!  You can also try adding beads or more wire to the frame, using a heavier gauge wire, hammering the wire for texture, heating the wire for color, or anything else you can think of!

Have fun, and let me know if you try this technique - I'd love to see your designs!
EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

I love your tutorials you have been posting lately - they are awesome! I also love your nails :)

Anonymous said...

How how cute and what ingenuity for creating the top of the heart!

Rachel Nielsen said...

Beautiful Molly! You're very talented. One of these days I'm going to try working with wire.

Christals Creations said...

These are lovely. :)

Lupe Meter said...

Love these heart shapes! I need to get my wire out and practice coiling wire and wire wrapping. Thank you for sharing this tutorial! :)