I was stumped today about what to write about, so I asked my son to give me a word to get me it is!

When we moved to Arizona, I was a little apprehensive about landscaping. I envisioned miles upon miles of brown nothingness and cactus, without a flower in sight. We have lived all around the country, and I have had amazing flower gardens and planters everywhere we have lived, and I wasn't sure where I would get my "flower fix" out here.

I am a fan of English gardens: winding trails of roses and ground cover, growing seemingly haphazardly yet perfectly choreographed into an ordered disarray of pastel and primary colors. We had roses the size of dinner plates in Washington State, hot pink azaleas in Northern California, purple, green and rosy hydrangeas in Virginia and enormous bright red and white geraniums in Texas. So what would I do with all the brown nothingness here in the Southwest? There was no way that was I going to have even one cactus in my yard...they are so "not me".

So I read, researching what I could do to fix my "brown problem", and that is when I learned about the Painted Desert. Did you know that cacti flower? Well, I didn't expect them to be this beautiful, but here they are, blooming in yellows, pinks and purples. (I still don't have any cacti in my yard, but I do admire them from afar...)

Actually, the opportunity to put color with flowers in my yard is tremendous here. I just have to make sure the rabbits don't eat them (not pets mind you...wild jackrabbits from the wash behind the house who, I believe, count on me to provide them with their own personal salad bar). So I put in yellow lantana, purple verbena, fluffy red and pink fairy dusters, always green - and now unbelievingly enormous - trailing rosemary that blooms with tiny little light blue flowers a few times a year and makes my yard smell delicious, and lavender plants that have grown and grown and add to the lovely herbal smell of the yard.

Oh yes...and bright red geraniums...

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hi Molly!
I just took a look at your work and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
As far as gardens go, you can have the English looking garden here in the desert...I do. Almost anything will grow here as long as you water it and plant it in the correct zone area in your yard.
Anyway, so good to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

These are WONDERFUL! You are really talented.