My Challenge: Where Do You Create?

There's a lot being written right now about where artists create. Stampington is coming out with a publication, "Where Women Create", and it looks amazing!

I have been curious about where all of my blogging friends go to put their creativity into motion, and I would love to see pictures of all of your studios!

So here's the deal: post some pictures of the space that you have carved out for yourselves, and then leave a comment on this post with a link to your post, and I will compile the links into a list right here on my blog.

To start it off, here are a few pictures of my studio (not super exciting, but
it is all mine!):

diane cook said...

Wow~I live it. And it is so much "less cluttered" than mine. One day =)

Fanciful Expressions said...

Love your studio pictures. I intend to clean mine up and get more pictures on my blog as soon as I get some orders out that I promised to customers.You don't want to see it now---total MESS. It's always that way when I'm busy. But busy is good.

DnJDesigns, Designs by Deedee said...

Molly, your space is so neat and organized!!! I'm totally jealouse especially if thats a glass saw in the photo! is it a ringsaw???? I so want one! I'm green. lol. Love your space and will be adding some to my blog soon. Maybe I should decorate a bit first.LOL... Have a great night. Deedee

Mary Newton said...

I'd love to show you my space but I'm living with relatives while our house is being built! The only time I can work is on the weekends at a friend's house. It's torture but I'll have my own small space soon! Did you know there is a previous edition of "Where Women Create"? You can find it at Barnes and Noble. It's great inspiration and I look forward to the next one, too.

Chris said...

What a nice space!! I love your storage systems too.

Maybe I'll take some pics of my area...gotta clean first....hmmmmmmmm. I sure do wish I was naturally neat and tidy!

Beth Quinn said...

ohhh your space looks wonderful !! i will be posting more of my space soon too !! a studio tour of sorts !!

sallyt said...

Your studio looks wonderful. You're right, I've seen lots of studios being talked about. Seth Apter just did a post about many artists' studios with pictures on his blog, The Altered Page. I just posted about it along with lots of pictures of mine here:

and a few more pictures from the studio here:

Can't wait to explore the spots of your readers.

signsoftimensuch said...

here is my craft room...I am very thankful to have a room just for your room...hugs, cheryl

Melissa M said...

It is so great to see where fellow artists create. Love the pictures of your room.
Coming down off of Art and Soul I just might take some photos of my room, as it always looks. Creative clutter.