Helping In Haiti…

It has been a while since I posted, but I wanted to share with you the involvement our church, Palm Valley Church in Goodyear, AZ, has with the people of Haiti and how you can help.  Our church has been partnering with ministries in Haiti for the past 3 years, and we, as a congregation, have built 2 churches, help with one of the local orphanages, and work with a local ministry training center.  I wanted to give you an update of how all of our ministry partners are doing and to put some faces with the ministries (most of what I am including below comes directly from our pastor’s blog,  You can go out to his blog for updates.):

** Photos of Palm Valley staff in Haiti are from a trip in November 2009 **

…here’s a rundown of the ministry partnerships Palm Valley has in Haiti…

Missions Door- the mission organization that we work with to partner with Guillo and his team in Haiti.

Joaquin Vargas- Vice President of Missions Door and heads up Latino and Caribbean Ministries. Joaquin works with each of our ministry partners in Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Our pastor, Greg Rohlinger, with Guillo, the national Ministry Director (Pastor), in front of Vallue Baptist Church (one of the churches Palm Valley built)

Herode Guillomenttre (Guillo)- Church Planting
Personal Profile- Wife Edline and 2 young girls Deinlee and Leissa.
Ministry Profile- Herode Guillomenttre also known as “Guillo” established the Christian Center for Integrated Development, which trains and equips many Pastors and leaders through seminars and conferences.
Guillo is the National Ministry Coordinator in Haiti for Missions Door. Some of Guillo’s responsibilities include equipping pastors from across Haiti (over 750) this includes Vallue Baptist Church and Pastor Emmanuel. Guillo also works directly with the Haitian Baptist Association (network of pastors) and is the director of a the Community Hospital Center of Lilavois.

Alexis Francklin- Children’s Ministry
Personal Profile: Recently graduated, and would like to continue his studies.  Ministry Profile: Francklin is a children’s Pastor and works directly with 8 different churches and their children’s ministries over 800 children total. Francklin also works runs a facility in Petit Goave, that just recently opened as a location for ministry groups to stay at, as well as a location for further equipping for Pastor’s. This was demolished in the earthquake.

Palm Valley Ministry Team with Francklin

Jonathan Joseph- Leadership Development
Personal Profile: Married to Alexandra in 1999.
Ministry Profile: Working with

Pastor Emmanuel- Pastor of Vallue Baptist Church
Personal Profile: Engaged and will be married November of 2010.
Ministry Profile: Works directly with Guillo and Missions Door. In 2007 Palm Valley Church was able to send the finances to the church in Vallue so they could build a facility to meet in. This facility was damaged in the earthquake.

Palm Valley Pastor Greg Rohlinger with Pastor Emmanuel

Community of Joulien- funds where also sent from PVC to help build a facility in the community of Joulien. The pastor has continued his education at HaitiArise Ministries. This community is also where we are having a Well drilled.

HaitiArise- Marc and Lisa Honorat are the directors of HaitiArise Ministries. They are located in Grand Goave which is located 30 miles west of Port Au Prince. HaitiArise is a Bible school and technical school. They also have started a church at HaitiArise that has over 400 adults and 300 children weekly.

Maison Des Anges- House of Angels orphan home is located in Port Au Prince.

The earthquakes in Haiti have brought the world’s attention to a much-neglected country that may finally get the help it sorely needs.  The people are filled with such amazing strength and resolve, and I wanted to share some pictures that really spoke to me about the faith that is getting them through:

Woman in prayer“He gives beauty for ashes…

Praising Woman
…strength for fear…

People attend Sunday catholic mass outside the destroyed National Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, 5 days after a powerful earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale devastated the city.
…gladness for mourning…

Praying Haitians
…and peace for despair.”

Join me in praying for Haiti and its healing.  The road to recovery is a long one, and will not end with the immediate needs.  There will be a need for help for many months to come, and my prayer is that the needs of the people continue to be met long after the rescue stage is over and the reporters are gone.
Sophia said...

Hi Molly. I have really missed you. I hope you are well over all. I think of you often.

And what a wonderful post you have here. I've not seen too many folks write about Haiti. I've seen alot of artists donating a percentage of their sales and that is cool.

This post was a blessing and I will definitely think/pray as to how else I can help as an individual.