Creative Sparks Fridays: Another Totally Twisted Design

I can't believe another week has come around - is it just me, or does the time seriously speed up the older I get?

Well, it's Friday again, and time to share my "sparks" with you.  The theme this week is:

THE WEEK'S (8/13-8/20) SPARKS ARE-
•Artistic Theme•
Maiden of the Sea
•Theme Words or Phrase•
Sea Voyage, Ship Wrecked, Fairy Tail, Mist, Mermaid
**Creative SPARK THREE**
•Theme Color Palette•

(the above image belongs to prozac1, please visit him by clicking here)
What really caught my creative eye this week was the photograph of a beautiful sunset at sea.  From the picture, I knew that it would be color and texture that would define my piece, but I wasn't sure exactly what direction I should take.  As I was working on my "Totally Twisted" project (posted yesterday), I decided to base my design on the alternative view that Kerry shows in the book.  Here's what I came up with:

"Sunset At Sea"

I used "orphaned" links from older projects, as I thought they would lend a rustic and eclectic feel to the piece.  The beads are a mix of quartz, lapis and mookaite, picking up the subtle hues of the sunset.


For the clasp, I twisted two lengths of wire together and then coiled the twisted wire around a mandrel.  I really like the texture it created, supporting the "spark".


I love how the grouped bead charms jangle and move when I wear the bracelet, which reminds me of the way a boat on the sea is never perfectly still, always moving in the waves.

If you like this bracelet, you can purchase it in my etsy store.

So, there you have it - my weekly "Spark".  Take some time to go out to   The Gritty Bird, Becky Caldwell's blog, to see what other artists have done this week!
Francy said...

awesome bracelet. love the clasp!

Riki Schumacher said...

Wow, you are crankin girl, love the inspiration! You go, this one is lovely too. The clasp is awesome. Good luck with the decision to get another pup. I know what you're going through! Its a TON of work! But worth it! Hugs, Riki

Pretty Things said...

Absolutely incredible. You got that palette spot on!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! The colors are simply lovely... Perfectly in line with the sparks.... just wonderful! I love the clasp.

Patti said...

It's so neat how you created all that swirly-ness with the wire... and that clasp... love it!! Pretty colors, too!