To Do List

To Do Today:
  • Curse old, blown-up, completely useless computer - check
  • Set up new computer - check
  • Set up e-mail - check
  • Import old documents - check
  • Notice e-mail program is beeping nonstop because the "server is not found" - check
  • Curse wireless network for suddenly not working - check
  • Go through every imaginable means of diagnosing network problem - check
  • Remember old standby:  "Reset" - check 
  • Fix wireless network like a (semi) pro - check
  • Set up new, wireless printer - check
  • Do happy dance when wireless printer actually works - check
  • Take a break and eat a sugar free jello cup - check
  • Remember that people are coming over to super-messy house this evening - check
  • Curse super-messy house - check
  • Do quick cleanup of super-messy public living areas - check
  • Pray that no one looks in my front hall closet - check
  • Have teenager clean guest bathroom - check
  • Set up second new computer - not a chance...
mairedodd said...

a house that is not perfectly neat means that humans inhabit it... humans with things to do and places to go... i understand the pressure - i truly do... i was having a conversation with a woman who runs our local food pantry... she couldn't find a pen that worked so she was scrounging through her 'junk' drawer... she looked up at me and said 'if you have really neat drawers, you aren't doing enough with your life.' she set me free and alleviated some of my guilt... you, too, do so much with your life... enjoy your company!

Alice said...

Sounds like you deserve more than sugar free jello!!!