Bead Table Wednesday (Evening)...

I wanted to get this post finished much earlier, but the stuff of life got in the way - you know how it goes!  We spent the 3-day weekend out in San Diego visiting colleges with our son, and my wonderful hubby let me stop by what I can only describe as the "Costco of beads" - South Sun (

Wow - I was overwhelmed by a gazillion choices, and ended up with these beads, which are what are on my bead table today:

You would think that I would have ended up with more, but the choices were so mind-boggling, and I didn't go in with a game plan.  I do, however, plan to spend more time there when we are visiting our son next year - hee hee!

As always, thank you to Heather Powers of the Humblebeads blog for hosting BTW.  

Take a few minutes to see what others are working on by going out to the BTW Flickr site.
Judy said...

Like a kid in a candy store and can't choose...I know I am the same way. Great choices!

Shirley said...

Don't you just love sweet husbands! My dear man is so patient to wait while I drool in stores. Love the colors you chose. Have fun playing!