Tiny Tin Challenge

Welcome to the Tiny Tin Blog Hop!  

Fabulous host Michelle Mach of the Beads and Books blog challenged us to take these tiny blank tins:
...follow these rules:
- You only need to decorate ONE tin.
  - You can use anything to decorate your tin.  Yes, even beads!
- You can also turn your tin into something else completely—a home decor item, a toy, jewelry.  It's also fine just to keep it as a tin.
...and get decorating!  

So here's what I decided to do with my tins:

I used Vintaj patinas to paint the inside and outside of my tins, and then oxidized the un-painted parts to age the design.

I tore circles out of various scrapbook papers and decoupaged them onto the lids, colored in the torn areas with charcoal, sealed them up and sprayed a little walnut ink to further age them.

The final touches were little polka dots on the sides, and a little glitter to the top and - voila! - I was done!

Thanks so much, Michelle, for hosting this fun hop! Take a couple of minutes to check out these other participants' tiny tin creations:

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Shirley said...

Ok, you made that sound so easy peasy, but I know it would have taken me a LOT of time to do it! What a wonderful, creative soul you are! I love watching your process, and would be thrilled to have made something so gorgeous!!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Wow they look like enamel! It looks like you had fun with this! Happy Hopping!

Michelle Mach said...

What happy tins! (Polka dots are one of my favorite design elements.) I haven't tried those Vintaj pantinas yet, so I'm glad to see what they can do. I love that you painted the inside of the tins, too. Thanks for joining the challenge!

Anonymous said...

OH, wow, those are so creative!!! I'm sure it was a lot of work, and it really looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I love the texture and the design, being aged like that, is so earthy. Just lovely!

So, I'm looking at your tins and Blackbird starts to play (I love this version)--at first I was confused because Blackbird is my ringtone--LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your process sounds so fun and I love the polka dots.

B'sue said...

Colorful fun! love them!

CraftyHope said...

Oh goodness, I LOVE these! They're colorful but still kinda rustic and aged. They are JUST my style! Thanks for walking us through the steps of how you obtained your gorgeous results! Very cool.

Kim said...

Somehow I missed you earlier, but I love what you did with your tins, they turned out great!

In the Light of the Moon said...

These tins are soooo wonderful!!I love the colors you used sweet Molly and how you distressed them with walnut ink and the dots on the sides.Very Cool! xoxo Cat

Tami said...

LOVE love love, Molly!! Please make more!