Taking a Break...

Hi friends -

I recognize that I've been a little scarce in the blog-o-sphere lately, and wanted to check in.  I'm taking a bit of a break from blogging, but will return soon.  

In the meantime, here's a couple of pictures of what I've been working on over the past few weeks - any takers?:

"The Blues"
18" Mosaic Bamboo Plate
12" Mosaic Bamboo Plate

I would love to hear about your plans for the summer, so please leave me a comment and tell me all about them!
Lupe Meter said...

I love mosaics! These are beautiful!!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Omygoodness...these are soooo beautiful Molly!! I love the colors.
My summer has been crazy and can you believe my kids return back to school in three weeks.I have been a bad blogger too..thats ok,enjoying every oldest is going to H.S and I'm trying to enjoy every second before school...Have a great Summer friend,Cat

Unknown said...

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Blenda Tyvoll said...

Hi Molly,
So glad you've been having an action packed summer....good times plus your mosaic plate are so lovely!
This summer besides painting we planted our whole back yard into a cut flower garden and sold the flowers in a flowerstand at the end the driveway :)