Get Your Doodle On!

If you haven't tried it yet, you need to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and try Zen Doodling.  I have the privilege of having two of my drawings published in Zen Doodle: Oodles of Doodles from Northlight Books, and also of having one of my published drawings, I Have A Purpose featured on the cover of the book, as well as on their blog (here is the link).

Below is the blog post that was originally published on the Create Mixed Media blog on November 24, 2014:

I Have a Purpose
by Molly Alexander
I have a purpose final 500
5¾” × 8½” (15cm × 21.5cm)
Mixed media on ephemera

I Have a Purpose is actually taken from a page in my art journal. I love working with vintage books and dictionary pages because they give instant texture and interest to a design. The word purpose is one of my favorites and just happened to be at the top of this page. I started drawing and filling in patterns, and ended up with the finished piece you see here. I love the freedom I have when I doodle. I’m not a huge rule follower, and this art form allows me to wander freely through my mind as I work through the repetitive design elements of a finished piece.
i have a purpose step 1
1. Glue down an antique dictionary page, leaving the top side without a decoupaged finish. Using a graphite pencil, draw in the main elements of your design. Then, using watercolor pencils and water, fill in your large elements with the color wash of your choice. Allow to dry.
i have a purpose step 2
2. Start filling in the larger elements with your doodle designs using the graphite pencil. Using a fine-point black gel pen, draw over the penciled-in lines.
i have a purpose step 3
3. Continue to fill in your flower parts with doodles until the picture feels finished. Then, using a thicker black gel pen, go over some of the lines, making them thicker than others and filling in backgrounds behind some of the doodled elements.
(This demonstration was previously published in Zen Doodle Oodles of Doodles edited by Tonia Jenny, copyright 2014. It is republished here courtesy of and North Light Books.)

Here is a little more information about the book, Zen Doodle: Oodles of Doodles:

Zen Doodle Oodles of Doodles

By Tonia Jenny (Editor)

You will love this Zen Doodle book if:
You are a fan of Zentangle®
You want to explore zen doodling techniques for relaxation
You want to find new doodling inspiration
Get your doodle on and find a little Zen at the same time! Explore stunning doodle art from around the world with more than 100 original designs. Enjoy gorgeous patterns brimming with the latest tangles and techniques that will sure to spark your creativity. Discover the stories behind each creative tangle while immersing you in the world of Zen doodle. Then take your tangle to the next level with step-by-step instructions for creating everything from traditional doodles to your favorite tangled art. Don’t wait; order your Zen doodle book for oodles of doodling fun! 

Inside Zen Doodle Oodles of Doodles you will find:
Step-by-step instructions to help you on your doodling journey
100+ Zen doodle art pieces from 49 artists
A gallery of featured artists to learn more about your favorite Zen doodle artists!
This book would be a great Christmas present for the creative people in your life!