Noble Knight Challenge Reveal

Welcome to the Noble Knight Challenge reveal hosted by Andrew Thornton!  The guidelines for this challenge are to create pieces using beads from the fabulous kit we purchased from Andrew:

Here are the pieces I made with my kit:

"Bold Femininity"

This first piece is made using the gorgeous oxblood-colored seed beads and larger bead cap of the same color to compliment one of my own fused glass cabochons.  Because the colors are so bold and stark, I wanted the design to be soft and feminine for contrast.  I made 'ruffles' around the cab and the strap using the oxblood seed beads, and used the glass bead cap as a button for the clasp.

I am a big fan of jewelry that is versatile and can be worn in more than one way, and that is the mindset I had going into this second piece, "Winter Love Story":

I saw a technique on Pinterest that I wanted to try (check out the pin here), and this challenge was the perfect opportunity to do so.  Now, the kit Andrew sent came with a beautiful aubergine waxed linen that I set aside to make sure I didn't lose it...and I lost it.  So I pulled out some pewter waxed linen from my stash and set to work.

I love the necklace, but wanted to be able to turn it into a wrap bracelet, so I created the bail for the focal in such a way that you can remove it from the necklace easily.

Andrew's handmade 'mystery component' focal is just beautiful, and I wanted to be able to highlight it using the kit color scheme, but still have it stand out.

Here is what it looks like as a wrap bracelet.  It is long enough to wrap at least 3 times around, and the colors really stand out against the texture of the linen.

Here's a close-up of the clasp I made.

And, finally, of course, after I finished the whole necklace, I found the waxed linen that came with the kit, so I decided to make a pair of earrings with some more of the gorgeous beads:

"Night on the Town"

I still have beads left over, and am excited to use them in more designs.  

Thank you for joining me for this challenge, and, as always, thank you to Andrew for hosting!  Please take a few minutes to check out the other participants' beautiful work:

In addition to these artists, you can find the following artists' work on Andrew's blog here:

Andrew Thornton
Laurel Ross
Alison Herrington
Naama from Peculiaris
Donna Hoblit
Joanne Goldberg 

Karin G said...

Fabulous, I love the beadwork and the cab is so perfect with the combination of colors, but I'm fascinated by your necklace/bracelet, it is gorgeous!

Alice said...

Wow your pieces are all so beautiful. I just love your beadwork. and how clever is your idea of the duel purpose bracelet/Necklace.

Ann Schroeder said...

I love your pieces! The convertible necklace is my favorite because I am so addicted to waxed linen and your clasp is incredible!!

Kari Asbury said...

Gorgeous! The necklace/wrap bracelet is fantastic. I'm also a big fan of designs that can be worn different ways.

Alison Herrington said...

Love love love your linen wrapped bail and clasp! Great job on everything but especially like the linen necklace.

Inner Muse Jewelry Design said...

Beautiful designs one and all!!! I love the bead embroidered bracelet for the exact reasons you described, bold but with a feminine touch. The macramé necklace/bracelet is brilliant!! You were so clever with your design elements to allow for the interchangeable elements to morph from necklace to bracelet!